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What makes us unique?

We strive to ensure our customers are greeted with smiling faces and warm welcomes. Our ability to make anything possible for a customer demonstrates how driven we are to maintain our popular selection of plants and provide relevant advice continuously. Come down and speak to any of our friendly staff today.



Immersing yourself into your Garden.

Our Gar-den, ‘Relax and Rejuvenate’ space, allows you to unwind and submerge yourself into our products. A computer for your need’s links you straight to Yates, where you can get expert advice around the clock. Browse our outdoor living and plant care range today.


DIY and Ideas.

When inspired, come down to our garden centre to ask for advice. Our passionate gardeners here to help are Belinda, Sharon, Rebecca, William, Daniel, Ben, Edan and Brendan. For ideas and DIY projects for your garden, click HERE to find out more.




Let the creativity flow!

Brendan, one of our enthusiastic and creative gardeners, always enjoys planting and maintaining his Bonsais. He finds the tediousness of maintaining a bonsai rewarding, and you gain valuable skills. Come down and speak to Brendan today to find out more, he’ll even share with you his secret Bonsai plant mix.


Bring the Outdoors, in.

Our exclusive and lively range of indoor plants are always maintained with love and care. They receive top of the class treatment and always look healthy. We have everything you need to maintain your plants health, and we will guide you through, step by step, to ensure your plant is cared for confidently.

If in doubt about your plants health, bring then into our garden centre, and we can identify and resolve your query in store.


Handy Hints.

Plants need food, not just water.

Soil moisture meters are your best friends, ideal for indoor plants.

Fertilise your lawn every season, aerate it in spring.

We live in the driest state in the driest country, soil wetting, get around it!