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From template tools to tape measures, we’ve got the right measuring tools for your next project.

Whether you’re running a busy construction site or working on a DIY project, our range of hand tools will keep things running smoothly. 

At Glynde Mitre 10, we understand how important it is to get accurate measurements on every project. We stock Adelaide’s best range of sturdy, long-lasting tools that make it easy to measure your materials.

Need a reliable tape measure that can handle a few knocks? We supply sturdy tape measures made with high-impact cases to stand up against everyday nicks and bumps. Want to get the right angle for your next measurement? Our multi-angle template rulers are easy to adjust and take precise measurements at a range of adjustable angles. 

Whatever your measuring needs, we’ve got you covered at Glynde Mitre 10. For accurate, precise measurements you can rely on, browse our full range of measuring tools and hand tools online. 

Make measuring a breeze with our tough, easy-to-use tools

For over 60 years, we’ve been providing Adelaide tradies, locals and hobby enthusiasts with high-quality hand tools they can rely on. As Adelaide’s favourite tool and hardware supplier, we make it easy to find the best measuring tools for your next project — at the right price. 

Discover our range of measuring tools online and find the perfect fit for your next project. 

Tape measures. Tough jobs need tough tools to stand up against everyday spills, drops and knocks. Keep your tape measure secure with our Fatmax Stanley 8m Tape Measure, made with an advanced Blade Armour coating that can extend its lifespan up to 10 times. Plus, its convenient airlock slide system makes it easy to smoothly and quickly extend and retract the measuring blade even after extensive use.  

Measuring template tools. Ideal for woodworking, laying tiles, sketching plans and more, our template tools give you exact measurements at a range of angles. Ensure accurate measurements with the Medalist Adjustable Template Tool, made with durable ABS and nylon polymers. This easy-to-use tool can be easily adjusted into the right shape for your measurements.

For DIY lovers, tradies, builders and crafters, we’ve got the right measuring tools for your next project. Order online today for fast shipping.

FAQs about measuring tools

Measuring template tools make it easy to measure the exact length and size of a particular area or shape. This lets you quickly mark up a piece of material and cut it into an exact shape or angle. 

Measuring template tools can be used to create accurate cutouts for a range of common materials including tiles, laminate, brick, wood, stone, paper, fabric and more. They’re also extensively used by architects, artists and builders to create accurate sketches, drawings and floor plans. 

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to take your next measurement and realising you’ve left your tape measure at the other end of your site. Belt clips are an easy and hassle-free way to keep your tape measure handy at all times while also keeping your hands free. 

The Stanley Fatmax 8m Tape Measure features a high-impact case that includes an integrated belt clip for easy access and storage. Simply clip the case to your belt or belt loop and keep your tape measure in place between uses. If your tape measure is dislodged from the loop, don’t worry — the high-impact case is designed for the daily risks of working on-site and will protect your tape measure from knocks, falls and other impacts. 

For more information on our range of tape measures and measuring tools, browse our full range online or get in touch with our friendly team. 

While Australia uses the metric system for measuring and weighing quantities, there are many countries that use imperial measurements for construction materials and other important items. Many DIY projects and crafters use materials or templates that are measured in imperial units. 

Because of this, measurement tools such as the Stanley Fatmax 8m Tape Measure include both metric and imperial units to ensure you can accurately measure your materials, no matter which units you need. The Fatmax Tape Measure includes measurements on both sides, so you can easily flick between both units as needed. 

Not sure what type of tape measure is right for your project? We’re here to help. At Glynde Mitre 10, we know how important it is to have the right tools for the job. Whether you’re chipping away at your favourite hobby or working on a building project, we’ve got the right tools for you.

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Steel tape measures are accurate and easy to use thanks to their rigid metal structure. However, steel tape measures aren’t designed to be bent. While you can use steel tape measures to measure curves, you run the risk of getting an inaccurate measurement due to their reduced flexibility. 

For curved areas and circular materials, we recommend using cloth or plastic tape measures due to their flexible design and soft, bendable materials.

Yes, steel tape measures are incredibly reliable measuring tools. They are designed to be durable and sturdy for various measuring jobs, giving you an accurate reading every time.

Because of their durability, steel tape measures can last for years – so you don’t have to worry about replacing your tape measure anytime soon! At Glynde Mitre 10, we stock a range of steel tape measuring tools in different sizes and styles. Check out our selection online for fast shipping Australia-wide.

While steel tape measures are designed to last for years with minimal maintenance, it’s important to keep your tape measure clean to ensure you get an accurate measurement with every use. But what’s the best way to clean a steel tape measure? 

Keep your tape measure free from dirt, dust, stains and other marks with the following steps. 

  • Clean the blade. We recommend using a soft, damp cloth to wipe away any dirt or dust from the measuring blade. To clean the blade, run the cloth along the surface of the blade as you slowly extend it. Continue this process until the blade has reached its full length or until all the dirt and debris have been cleared.

    For stubborn dirt spots, use a mild soap and water solution to gently scrub the dirt until the blade is clear. Avoid applying too much pressure to prevent rubbing the measurement numbers off. 
  • Clean the case. Wipe the case with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dirt from its exterior. While it’s fine to use a damp cloth while cleaning, we recommend avoiding getting the inner casing wet. This can lead to water getting trapped on the inside of the case, which could potentially drip out when the measuring blade is extended.
  • Dry the tape measure. Once the measuring blade and outside of the measuring tool is clean, dry it off with another soft, damp cloth.

  • Apply a light oil. To prevent rust and corrosion, it is best to lightly oil the measuring blade after cleaning. This will help keep the measuring tool working accurately for longer. 

Following these simple steps will ensure that your measuring tools stay in good condition and remain accurate for future projects and tasks. Shop online or in-store for measuring tools at Glynde Mitre 10 and remember – measure twice, cut once!

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