Bathroom Accessories

Add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom with our range of showerheads, grates, scrubbers and more

At Glynde Mitre 10, we’ve got the accessories you need to bring your dream bathroom to life. Our bathroom accessories include showerheads, shower grates, toilet scrubbers, shower doors, towel rails and more to complete your perfect shower experience.  

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Add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom with our range of showerheads, grates, scrubbers and more

Our range of bathroom accessories includes everything you need to turn your everyday bathroom into a pampering paradise. 

Showerheads. The right head is essential for a comfortable shower. Our showerheads from reliable brands including Interbath and Linkware feature multiple water pressure settings to suit the size and layout of your bathroom. Experience 57 spray jets and a handy self-cleaning head on our Interbath Rondel 85mm Handshower showerhead.

Shower doors. Reduce splashes and puddles in your bathroom with a hanging shower door. These doors feature non-cling materials and can be easily removed for cleaning and upkeep. 

Shower grates. Choosing the right shower grate is essential for optimal water flow and effective drainage in your shower. 

Toilet scrubbers. Keep your loo looking fresh with a reliable toilet scrubber from Glynde Mitre 10. Our affordable scrubbers make it easy to clean your toilets and reduce the spread of bacteria in your bathroom. 

Towel rails. Our towel rails make it easy to hang and dry towels in bathrooms of all sizes.

FAQs about bathroom accessories

A good shower grate is important for proper water flow and drainage in your shower. 

Shower grates reduce the amount of residue left behind after washing, which is essential if you live in an area prone to hard water. Hard water has increased amounts of dissolved minerals including magnesium, calcium or limestone that create mineral deposits in your shower and make cleaning more difficult. 

Shower grates are also used to catch soap, hair and other debris that can clog your drain, which takes the strain off of your pipes and lowers the risk of pesky clogs or costly blockages.

The first step in choosing a new shower grate is making sure it fits your drain. Grates are available in a range of sizes from long rectangular grates, small round grates and square grates. We recommend measuring your drain to determine the right grate for your shower.   

Shower grates aren’t just functional — they’re also an important piece of your shower decor, so finding a shower grate that flatters your bathroom is essential. Stainless steel grates are a common choice because of their simple, chic style, but don’t be afraid to experiment with aluminium or brushed brass to get the perfect look. 

Finally, make sure your grate provides proper drainage for your style of shower. Long rectangular grates are better for ceiling-mounted showerheads as they’re more effective at catching water across a wider circumference. Standard-sized grates are better for small, cramped showers with a reduced splash zone.

 Choosing the right showerhead comes down to two main factors: your bathroom setup and your shower habits. There are many types of showerheads available on the market, from convenient handheld designs to complex models with multiple settings. 

When choosing a showerhead, it is important to consider the size of your bathroom and your desired level of water pressure. For example, ceiling-mounted showerheads are best for large bathrooms, while small shower stalls aren’t ideal for adjustable, hand-held showerheads. Hand-held showerheads also require a shower curtain or door to catch any accidental sprays and splashes. 

If you have housemates, kids or other family members sharing the same shower, choose a showerhead with multiple settings and an adjustable height. Plus, a showerhead with lower water pressure can reduce the amount of hot water used per shower. 

If you’re not sure which showerhead is right for you, we have a huge range of versatile showerheads at the right price. Take a look at our full range of bathroom accessories online or speak to our friendly team today!

Many showerheads have unique settings that adjust the water flow for improved comfort or easier cleaning. The most common settings include:

  • Massage. This setting emits a powerful stream of water that can help to massage muscles and relieve tension.
  • Rain. This setting simulates the feeling of raindrops falling on your skin, perfect for relaxing and relieving stress. Some showerheads give you the option of heavy or light rain settings. 
  • Mist. This setting emits a gentle mist of water that is perfect for refreshing your skin or hair. This is a great choice for freshening up on hot days without wasting water on a full shower. 
  • Jet. This setting emits a strong, focused stream of water that is perfect for rinsing off soap or shampoo. Jet streams also help remove stubborn stains from your shower, which makes cleaning a breeze. 
  • Trickle. This setting emits a small stream of water from the showerhead, perfect for washing your hands or removing scuffs and stains from your arms and legs. 

Some of these settings go by different names depending on your product of choice. We recommend experimenting with shower settings to create the perfect shower experience. 

Yes. Installing a showerhead is a straightforward process that will only take a few minutes for the average homeowner. We recommend thoroughly reading the instructions on your new showerhead, as each product may have different installation requirements. 

Once you’ve installed your showerhead, turn on the water to check for any leaks. We also recommend experimenting with the water pressure and using each showerhead setting to ensure it’s fully operational. If there are no leaks, you’re all set!

There are a few different ways that you can clean your showerhead, depending on how dirty it is. For a quick clean, simply wipe the showerhead with a damp cloth. For more thorough cleaning, remove the showerhead and soak it in a mixture of warm water and vinegar for 30 minutes. 

Use a toothbrush or other small brush to scrub away any built-up grime that may have accumulated around the shower jets. Once you’ve cleaned the showerhead, rinse it with clean water before putting it back in place.

Keep your toilet brush clean and in good condition with an enclosed toilet brush holder. A holder keeps your brush out of contact with other bathroom items and reduces the spread of germs throughout your bathroom. Most toilet brush sets come with a holder for easy storage, but they can also be purchased separately.

If your brush just has a few light stains, you can simply rinse it off with some water. For tougher stains, you can scrub the brush with some mild soap and water. Disinfect the brush by soaking it in a bleach solution for five minutes. 

Once the brush is clean, rinse it with clean water and allow it to air dry.

Regular cleaning is important to prevent the spread of bacteria and keep your bathroom clean. Depending on how often you use your toilet brush, you may need to clean it weekly or monthly. We recommend cleaning your toilet brush after every use.

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