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Glynde Mitre 10 is Adelaide and Australia’s choice for quality lawn and garden supplies.

Glynde Mitre 10 is Adelaide’s longest-running hardware and garden supply store. Since 1953, we’ve been providing dedicated customer service and quality hardware to DIY enthusiasts across Australia. With decades of experience under our belt, we’re your go-to store for lawn and garden products at unbeatable prices. 

Our range is now available online, making it easier than ever to get gardening supplies Adelaide-wide!

From power tools to potting mixes, our range of lawn and garden supplies has everything you need.

Whether you want to enrich your plants with seaweed-infused wetting soil or tidy your lawn with a powerful leaf blower, we have the right lawn and garden supplies for your next project.

Our extensive range of hand tools includes aluminium forks, transplanters and multi-tools perfect for digging and cultivating. Clear out stumps, branches and shrubs with our shovels, axes and loppers to make more room in your garden. We also supply hoses with adaptor screws and adjustable spray nozzles to make your everyday lawn and plant watering a breeze.
Get on top of your weeds with our selection of time-saving grass and weed tools, including our Torch Gas Weed Wand which uses propane or gas to burn away pesky plants. Stop invasive insects with our Insecticide Pest Oil, which kills citrus leafminers, scales, mites, and whiteflies on outdoor and indoor plants. Our organic Ecogrub insecticide contains a wetting agent and fertiliser, so you can protect your plants and leave them feeling healthy and vibrant all in one product!
For cutting down trees or large branches, you need reliable, efficient power tools. We stock power tools and saws from proven brands like Yard Force, EGO and Makita to give our customers dependable hardware. Our Makita 1800W Electric Chainsaw features advanced cooling and a maximum speed of 870 metres per minute, while our STIHL 400mm Petrol Chainsaw has an anti-vibration system for steady handling. For leaf blowers, the cordless Makita 36V Turbo Blower makes it easy to clear your lawn with a long-lasting, efficient brushless motor. We also stock power tool accessories like chainsaw chains, mower and chainsaw engine oil, and rapid battery chargers to keep your hardware in top condition.
Tame your lawn and keep your garden tidy with our petrol and electric mowers. The Yard Force 1800W Electric Lawn Mower can be easily folded away for convenient storage thanks to its portable design, and its 45L grass catcher means you won’t have to rake up leftover clippings after your weekly mow. Likewise, the Yard Force 40V Lawn Mower Kit comes with an ergonomic handle design and can be adjusted between seven heights for flexible cutting. Plus, it features a dedicated 4.0Ah battery and charger kit for easy charging. For those who prefer petrol mowers, the 200mm rear wheels and 127cc engine on our Yard Force Petrol Lawn Mower will glide across your lawn and is perfect for any grass type up to 750 square metres in size. Stick to manual mowing with our Yard Force Push Mower, featuring a 20L grass catcher for clippings, adjustable height and a 300m cutting width while weighing only 7kg. 
Decorate your lawn with our beautiful selection of garden features including our range of Sandleford Carrum Letterboxes, available in black or white and made with premium corrugated steel. Its powder-coated finish adds a sleek, modern style to your doorstep, with a convenient newspaper holder and letter slot. Build your own spacious greenhouse with our Grow It Walk-In Greenhouse. With convenient 2-tier shelving, powder-coated steel frame and a protective roll-up zip door, you can create a comfy oasis for your plants with this ready-to-assemble backyard feature. 
Help your plants grow big and strong with our range of fertilisers, plant foods, potting mixes and conditioners. Brunnings All Purpose NPK Fertiliser comes in a convenient 3kg tub and combines slow-release and fast-acting agents to give your plants more benefits over time. Its chloride-free, non-acidifying formula also keeps your soil’s PH levels in check. Our Amgrow Premium Potting Mix gives you 36L of controlled-release fertiliser, water storage crystals, BioActiv compost, wetting agent and trace elements. Give your flora a boost with our Amgrow Nutrafeed Flower & Fruit Fertiliser which feeds your roots to give your leaves a healthy glow. Make watering easier with our Brunnings Easy Wetta Organic Mulch, which increases nutrient and water retention in your soil. Whatever your plant-growing needs, our range has you covered.
We stock an array of seeds, bulbs and peat pots to help bring your garden to life, whatever the season. Start your own herb garden with our Italian Parsley and Thyme seeds or grow vegetables like zucchini, lamb lettuce, mixed salad lettuce, red Russian kale, mini red cabbages, and more. We even stock a range of fruit seeds including honeydew melons and flowers like the cineraria starships.

Your premier destination for landscaping and horticultural supplies in Adelaide

Whether you want to enrich your plants with seaweed-infused wetting soil or tidy your lawn with a powerful leaf blower, we have the right lawn and garden supplies for your next project.

At Glynde Mitre 10, we understand that the right landscaping supplies are essential for your gardening and building projects. That’s why we offer an extensive range of high-quality landscaping products, from soil and lawn supplies to retaining walls and irrigation supplies, all under one roof. 

Whether you’re an expert in landscape design or you’re an everyday at-home gardener, our full range of landscaping supplies in Adelaide is designed to suit any project size and scope. Contact us today – our expert team can give you good advice and helpful recommendations to help you find the right supplies for the job. 

Comprehensive selection of building and landscape supplies Adelaide locals rely on

Our inventory includes everything needed for a landscaping project in South Australia — from basic garden accessories to more complex building supplies. Our customers enjoy competitive prices and excellent service, backed by our expertise in both horticultural and building domains.

With click-and-collect available on the same day, delivery options and Australia-wide shipping on select products, we ensure you get your supplies when you need them. Keep your project on schedule without the hassle with Glynde Mitre 10.

Dedicated to the local community with personalised service and top-quality lawn supplies, Adelaide-wide

As a locally owned and operated business, we take pride in offering personalised service to our Adelaide customers. Our friendly team is known for its expert advice and willingness to go the extra mile to help you find exactly what you need for your outdoor spaces. At Glynde Mitre 10, we’re more than just a store — we’re part of the local community, committed to supporting and enhancing the gardens and landscapes of our city.

We are conveniently located and open 7-days a week, ready to assist with any inquiries about our products or your specific landscaping needs. Whether you’re updating your outdoor space or embarking on a new garden project, visit us for the best brands and most knowledgeable staff members in the industry.

Shop with us today and find out why we’re Adelaide’s top choice for landscaping and building supplies. We provide friendly service, competitive pricing and convenient opening hours to ensure your next project is a breeze. Plus, chat with our friendly lawn and garden experts for great advice and top-quality recommendations.

Lawn & Garden FAQs

Whether you’re a green-thumbed expert or a gardening novice, our team is here to help. Contact us online and we can help track down the right product for you. You can also reach us via phone at (08) 8337 2344 or by email. Our team also runs an in-store advice hub for gardening supplies Adelaide locals can turn to for tips and recommendations. Are your plants looking a little lifeless? Bring them to our Garden Centre and our friendly experts will find the right solution to get them thriving again. Our centre is full of helpful hints and quality products to help bring your garden to life. 
Preordering items can be completed in-store only. They must be paid in full before the order can be accepted. Stock discrepancies may vary the accuracy of the stock quantity on our website. In this case, your online purchase will be ordered — if they cannot be supplied, your order will be refunded. You can enquire via our live chat, give us a call or email us directly if you have any questions regarding purchasing and unavailable or out of stock products. We’ll provide you with an estimated delivery time for your order and keep you posted on time frames. You can also arrange pick-up for your items in-store.
At Glynde Mitre 10, we provide gardening supplies Adelaide residents trust. We know our customers are busy — that’s why we provide friendly, efficient service so you can get in, get out and get on with your next DIY project. Building long-lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers is the core of our business.  In 2017, Glynde Mitre 10 was awarded National Store of the Year (Large Format) for our exceptional customer service. Our store prioritises community outreach, as we sponsor numerous Northern-Eastern Adelaide sporting clubs and support small businesses by sponsoring the annual Moonlight Markets.  While our outreach efforts help us uplift the Adelaide community, our convenient service is what keeps customers coming back. Our friendly support team is ready to help with all your questions about garden supplies, Adelaide and Australia-wide. Contact us today and we’ll match you with the right product to keep your garden in top shape.

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