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We’re the BBQ store Adelaide locals rely on for all their outdoor cooking needs

With our huge range, affordable prices and exceptional customer service, we’re the BBQ store Adelaide outdoor cookers rely on for their grills. 

At Glynde Mitre 10, we’ve been providing high-quality products and expert advice to the local Adelaide community for over 60 years — plus, our entire range is available to purchase online! From gas accessories to barbecue utensils, charcoal fuel and more, our range of outdoor living supplies can’t be beaten. Whether you’re an outdoor cooking expert or a first-time BBQ cooker, we’ll help you find the right grill, smoker or barbeque for your home.

It’s never been easier to find the perfect BBQ for your next cook-off. Browse our complete range online (including Weber Australia) and discover the barbeques Adelaide locals trust for delicious outdoor cooking – at the right price.

Get cooking with our range of smokers, hood BBQs and plate BBQs

Whether you’re throwing a party, feeding the family or hosting a summer feast, we’ve got the best barbeque for you. Choose from high-quality smokers, hooded BBQs, spit roasters and plate BBQs that will make every meal an event to remember. 

  • Hooded BBQs. Our classic hooded BBQs feature convenient trolley-style designs, making them easy to move around your outdoor areas. Choose from hooded BBQs equipped with features like a glass viewing window and sink, cast iron grills, hotplates, side burners, cabinet doors and side shelves for a range of convenient cooking and storage options. For a hassle-free, effective all-around outdoor cooking experience, our hooded BBQs have got you covered. 

  • Flat-top grills. Ideal for sauteing, simmering, stir-frying, grilling and a range of other cooking techniques, our flat-top grills provide exceptional performance for your next weekend grilling with friends. Flat-top grills make it easier to cook a range of foods on the same surface — for example, a flat top can be used to fry fish or cook meat alongside pots and pans, making it an extremely versatile choice if you’re cooking in a small area. 

  • BBQ smokers. Smokers are the best way to infuse your meat with a decadent, rich and delicious smoky flavour. Ideal for cooking at low temperatures, a smoker allows you to slowly cook your meat in a controlled environment and add an earthy, smoky taste. Our BBQ smokers are compact and highly portable for convenient use in a range of settings. 

  • Spit roasters. Spit roasters are ideal for cooking large cuts of chicken, beef, lamb, pork and more, making it easy to feed an army without wasting time on small grills. Simply place your meat on the spit and rotate it to cook evenly on all sides. We stock a selection of solid fuel spit roasters in a range of sizes to suit your BBQ needs. Each roaster is made with high-quality materials designed to provide years of excellent roasting.

  • Single burners. Our single-burner stoves make it easy to cook your favourite foods on your next outdoor adventure. Cook meat, soup, stews and boil water on the go with a lightweight burner from our range. Perfect for hiking or camping, simply take your butane stove with you in a secure case and fire it up to create delicious, hearty meals — wherever you are!

Take your outdoor cooking to the next level with your trusted local store, Glynde Mitre 10. We ship our range of barbeques Adelaide-wide — order online today!

From hood covers to cleaners, gloves and more, we’ve got the right accessories for your BBQ Adelaide-wide

For cooking, cleaning, covering and more, our range of barbeque accessories will keep your new grill in excellent condition. We stock a huge range of accessories for barbeques Adelaide locals rely on for the best outdoor cooking.

Cleaning supplies — Keep your grill looking pristine with our range of BBQ cleaning supplies. Formulated with surfactants, alkaline salts and wetting agents, our 30 Seconds BBQ & Grill Cleaner Spray will make short work of any stains, marks, oils and leftover food flakes on your barbeque. For quick spills and stains, our Grillman BBQ wipes cut through grime, grease and oil and can be easily disposed of after each wipe. 

Fat absorbers — Make cleaning hassle-free with our Grillman BBQ Fat Absorbers, available in a convenient 2L bag. Made with 100% natural New Zealand minerals, our fat absorbers will soak up any remaining fats, liquids and oils from your grill in no time. 

Firelighter and firebricks — Keep your grill burning with our selection of firewood bricks and firelight cubes, available in convenient multi-pack quantities. Our Ember Firewood Bricks are made with 100% compressed wood and include birch, alder and softwood, providing you with a clean burn with every use. Stock up today! 

Gloves, tongs and spatulas — Handle hot plates and food with our selection of gloves, tongs and spatulas. Our heat-resistant gloves reduce the risk of unwanted spills with their silicone webbing for easy handling. Our Grillman BBQ Spatula includes a scalloped blade, meat-tenderising prongs and a built-in bottle opener to take the hassle out of cooking your meat. Plus, serve your food in style with our handy 2-pack stainless steel prongs, made with curved teeth for an improved grip — reducing the chance of dropping your food while serving.

Hood covers — Protect your BBQ hood with our stylish, practical hood covers. Suitable for 6-burner, 4-burner and 3-burner barbeques, our hood covers keep your BBQ safe from rain, strong winds, dirt and dust. Plus, their sturdy PVC construction means they’ll hold up against harsh UV rays and excessive moisture, whatever the weather!

Patio mats — Protect your deck, concrete or patio from unsightly scratches or marks with our BBQ patio mats. Available in a range of convenient sizes, our patio mats will leave your surfaces looking clean and mark-free while providing excellent support for your BBQ, smoker or grill. They also protect the ground around your BBQ from spills, oils, drips and splatters. 

Plates and pans — Turn your BBQ into a one-stop outdoor cooking station with our range of plates and pans for BBQs. Our Weber Frying Pan makes it easy to cook omelettes, potato bakes and schnitzels alongside the rest of your BBQ meats. Made with scratch-resistant materials, this pan is perfect for grills and side burners.

Treat yourself to an outdoor breakfast with our Weber Breakfast Plate, made with porcelain-coated steel that resists rust for exceptional long-term performance. Meanwhile, the raised lip keeps your food in place while four convenient drainage holes remove unwanted oils, fat and liquid from your plate. 

Thermometers — The Grillman Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer makes it easy to check the temperature of your meat and get an even cook every time. Using the convenient built-in 30m range, you can monitor your temperature gauge remotely using the EasyBBQ app. Plus, get the most accurate reading with four provided temperature probes. 

Not sure what you need? We’re here to help. Our friendly team are experts when it comes to finding the best accessories for your BBQ, spit roaster, smoker and more. Contact us online or visit our team in-store and we’ll set you up with the right tools to take your outdoor cooking up a notch. 

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FAQs about BBQs

BBQ gloves are made with heat-resistant fabric that makes it safer to hold hot items like barbeque utensils, pots, pans and other items needed for outdoor cooking. This fabric provides better protection from burns and discomfort than regular fabric gloves such as oven gloves. BBQ gloves also feature a non-slip silicone webbing that makes it easier to hold items and reduces the risk of dropping hot oils and liquids. 

We recommend using a set of BBQ gloves for handling any hot items while cooking outdoors.

Yes. While there are several different types of hood covers available for a wide range of burners, most hood covers feature built-in UV resistance. This reduces the risk of wear and tear occurring from hours spent in the sun, which is a lifesaver during hot Aussie summers. This means you can leave your BBQ on your deck and protect it from the sun without having to replace your hood cover frequently. 

Most hood covers also include fastening straps that prevent them from blowing away, meaning your cover will stay secure during harsh weather conditions. 

Alongside its UV resistance, the Weber Full-Length Hood Cover is made with breathable, water-resistant fabric suitable for every season. The fabric keeps your BBQ dry while also standing up against heavy storms and prolonged rainfall, making it a great year-round solution for protecting your BBQ. 

Not sure which type of hood cover is right for you? Whether you’re cooking on a covered deck or an exposed patio, we’ve got the right hood cover for your BBQ. Get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll give you expert advice on our entire range of accessories and BBQs. Shop online today!

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