Mr Fothergill’s Kitchen Seed Sprouter

Mr Fothergill’s Kitchen Seed Sprouter makes growing sprouts very easy! All you need to add is water and seeds.

This high-quality multi-tiered seed sprouter has been designed to create the perfect growing conditions and provide a continuous supply of fresh and tasty sprouts. Perfect in the kitchen, it takes up minimal space and the clever design gives fingertip convenience all year round. Sprout seeds sold separately.

Dimensions: 21cm high x 15.5cm wide x 15.5cm deep

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Growing in a Mr Fothergill’s Kitchen Seed Sprouter:

  1. Spread about 1 tablespoon of seeds in one or more of the four clear plastic trays
  2. Stack the clear trays on top of the bottom tray and pour enough water into the top tray to cover the outlet
  3.  This will commence the syphoning action and water will drain down through each of the trays and outlets
  4. Once the water has drained, empty any excess water from the bottom tray. The water that stays in the clear trays is enough to provide the necessary humidity for successful seed germination. Water in this way at least 2-3 times each day.

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