Colour Consulting

Roses are red, violets are blue. Three words for you:

Glynde Colour Studio.

Going beyond paint.

At Glynde Mitre 10, we aim to impress with colour services and mighty helpful staff to make your day just a little bit brighter!

Meet our colour consultant.

Hedy from create2reflect has always been passionate about colour, trends and creating unique stylish spaces. She entered the world of interior design a decade ago when choosing paint colours and furnishing her first home. She has an eye for detail, loves being creative, and greatly enjoys learning about the latest trends in colour, wall and window coverings and furniture.

Over the years, she has developed a design set skill together with studying interior design. She has had the pleasure of guiding many clients wanting to paint interior and exterior walls, furnish, decorate and declutter their homes.

Her aim is to create an interior or exterior look that reflects the lifestyle and unique personality of the client.

Whatever your style, she will help you to achieve it.

Book a consultation time HERE with Hedy today!

Hedy will be in from 10.00am to 12.30pm every Friday and Saturday at the Glynde Colour Studio.


She will be able to help with any colour questions regarding the interior or exterior of a residential or commercial property. This includes colours to match what exists or advice on introducing new colours for new or existing properties.


To get the most out of your visit here, bring as many samples to get the best picture of the space – photos, floor and wall tile samples, carpet samples, benchtop samples, colours already in the room and furniture for the room.


Colour with Confidence.

A brand-new initiative to encourage customers to paint sooner with the help of our certified Colour Experts. They’ll make sure you pick the perfect colour first time…we guarantee it!

Our colour experts are Ros, Oscar, Meri, Natasha and Hedy. They provide expert advice so you don’t have to paint twice.

It’s easy!

All you need to do is complete a Colour Consultation in-store with one of our Colour Experts and purchase a tin of paint at the time of consultation.

If you are not satisfied with your colour choice, we will replace your paint up to the value of $200 relating to your colour consultation, where you will go home with a brand-new tin of paint free of charge*.

*Read our full terms and conditions here

2022 Colour Forecast

Earthy colours such as green, cinnamon and terracotta are trending from the desire for people to surround themselves with nature and all things organic. These are both seen in light and dark hues. Blue, moody colours with undertones of purple are an emerging trend for 2022. This colour pallet brings about both warm and cool feels, allowing for comfortability and familiarity.

Feeling a little adventurous?

Heading into summer, soft pinks bring about a sense of pleasure. Wanting to move away from a neutral colour pallet? Consider sublet pinks for your next feature wall, not to bright, but definitely a bold statement.

Need more reasons to visit us? Here you go 🙂 

We have a consultation area.

Practical consultation area, where we demonstrate the various aspects of the environment which affects the perception of colour. Have a cup of coffee (on us) from the coffee machine while you’re making the big decisions.




And there’s a mindful space area.

To inspire clients who are wanting to renovate or redecorate their own homes.

Also, accurate colour matching service.

We have a machine (spectrophotometer) that scans and gives the exact colour codes. It’s well utilised, as you can see.

Plus, extensive colour charts for all major paint brands.

We have colour charts to help you figure out the right colour combinations to fit your personality and style! Dulux, Wattyl, Colourbond or Accent, we have them all.

Additionally, automatic tinting machines and colour mixers to get the right custom colour match.

We have high end machines to customise the exact colour and amount you require.



                  See you at the Glynde Colour Studio!