Shipping Policy

Shipping & Collection Policy for Glynde Mitre 10


Last updated: February 17, 2022

This shipping Policy describes Our polices and producers on the shipability of Your goods, from our store to Your property. By using this Service, You agree to our process and shipping method by which Your goods are delivered by. This policy has been created and is in agreement with the Shippit’s Terms and Conditions which may apply. To ship Your products, an external courier is used.

Shipping Locations

We offer a shipping service to deliver your goods across Australia. Locations outside a generalized ‘Local Delivery’ area will endure a higher price increase, along with increased weight and dimensions of goods. In the case of an uncontrollable event including;

(a)  war;

(b)  accident, civil commotion;

(c) riot;

(d) military action;

(e) sabotage;

(f) act of terrorism;

(g) vandalism;

(h) embargo;

(i) judicial action;

(j) labour dispute;

(k) an act of a government or a government authority;

(l) acts of God;

(m) earthquake;

(n) fire;

(o) flood;

(p) pandemic;

(q) epidemic, plague or other natural calamity;

(r) computer viruses, hacker attacks or failure of the internet or delay; or

(s) failure or default by any other supplier.

will shipping be rejected and/or in transit until your goods can be safely delivered.

Based on location, shipping fess will be generated before process of payment. We do offer international delivery however, additional shipping fees will apply to the standard shipping payment.

In the instance of an order containing excessive or large sized goods, where the shipping address is within a 5-kilometre radius, local delivery provided by Glynde Mitre 10 will be favoured. Additional fees may apply.

Shipping Charges

Your shipping fee will be generated based off of the goods weight and dimensions, and your location. Charges will surge with increases in weight, dimensions and distance of travel. These fees are generated using an Australian post shipping algorithm. Generated fees may be adjusted due to circumstances and additional information. If you believe you are being over charged for your shipping, please call Glynde Mitre 10 on (08) 8337 2344 to consult with our team.

Shipping Assistance

Some items ordered may require extra assistance to complete the delivery. Our shipping fees are calculated on the assumption that you can provide extra assistance once we arrive at the shipping address. You will be contacted prior to delivery to ensure you can provide the assistance required. If you cannot assist the driver, then we can organise assistance at an additional cost. We will discuss this with you prior to delivery.

Shipping Conformation

Our external courier may or may not require a signature when handing over your goods. It is encouraged you explicitly state on the notes page ‘Authority to leave’ if you are happy for your goods to be left unattended after delivery. In some circumstances, you will be contacted before hand in regards to your goods on whether or not you are comfortable with leaving them unattended after delivery. When ‘Authority to leave’ is not granted, ensure someone is active on your property, otherwise your goods will be sent to the nearest post office.

Conformation text messages and emails will be readily sent to you once your order has been booked for shipping, is with the driver, in transit, and an expected delivery day and time has been generated.

Estimated Shipping Timelines

Glynde Mitre 10 stocks a large range of goods in-store, where goods can be purchased both in store and online. Due to the constant foot traffic, items available online may not be updated immediately after an in-store purchase. In the case in which your goods need to be sourced elsewhere, please allow 3-5 business days for stock to arrive, until it its packed and ready for shipment.

Goods in-store will be processed, packaged and dispatched within 24 hours after receiving your order. Once the goods are with the external courier, we are no longer liable for your goods, but can assist in dire straights. Please allow up to 7-10 business days for your goods to arrive.

Cancellation of a shipment

Cancellation of your shipment will be approved before your order is booked for delivery. This includes any reasoning such as late supply of goods, over ordering of goods, change of mind and if the goods are unshipable due to location or any listed items below under Prohibited Items.

After the goods have been booked for shipping, there is no reason to cancel your delivery, and no action will be taken. Once you receive your goods, you will not be entitled to a refund of your shipping fee. Goods can be refunded when brought back in-store.

Prohibited Items

The following items are strictly prohibited from shipment, and must not be sent through our services under any circumstance. Any of these items being sent may result in prosecution, heavy fines and imprisonment.

  1. Any item that is not currently packaged or in a box

  2. Aerosol cans/sprays

  3. Tobacco and tobacco products

  4. Animal skins / Furs on the cities list of endangered species. (certificate required; refer to

  5. Ivory and ivory products

  6. Articles of exceptional value (eg, works of art, antiques, precious stones, gold and silver).

  7. Box with Hazardous label – Items sent with a Hazardous label attached will be classed as such. DO NOT REUSE OLD HAZARDOUS BOXES

  8. Car Batteries

  9. Airbag Modules

  10. Dangerous goods – eg Explosives / Fireworks / Christmas Crackers / Radioactive Materials / Deactivated

  11. Engines / Generators / Gearboxes or any part containing or having contained oil/petrol unless flushed through

  12. Fire Extinguishers / Life Jackets

  13. Gold & Silver & precious metal Jewellery

  14. Goods moving under ATA Carnet and all temporary exports and imports; goods moving under FCR, FCT and CAD (Cash Against Document)

  15. Hazardous materials eg Paint / Adhesives / Chemicals / Flammable resins/ solvents/ liquids / Compressed Air & Empty cylinders / Items containing any gases – See Also Household goods

  16. Household goods containing flammable or corrosive liquids, such as oven or drain cleaners / perfume, aftershave/ hairspray/ nail varnish and remover/ antiseptic wipes …

  17. Human Remains / Body Fluids

  18. Liquids / Adhesives / Paint / Oil / Creams / Gels

  19. Living animals or plants

  20. Dead animals

  21. Magnets or items containing ferro-magnetic material

  22. Milk Powder to China, Singapore & Hong Kong

  23. Mobile Phone with Sim card / Mobile phone with or without Sim to any Residential address in Turkey

  24. Currency

  25. Antiques, works of art or valuable documents.

  26. Glass or glass related products

  27. Personal Effects

  28. Pornographic materials (Please check country)

  29. Toner / Ink Cartridges / Printers / Fax Machines or Photocopiers to any destination outside of the UK.

  30. Wet or Lithium Batteries or any item containing them (Such as, but not limited to, an iPhone (Not including Dry Cell)

  31. Prescribed Drugs / Medication / Any Controlled and Illegal substance including Khat to all countries.

Collection of Goods

Orders involving a collection will need at least one business day for your order to be received and processed. When goods need to be sourced elsewhere, please allow 3-5 business days for external goods to arrive. You will be contacted either via email or phone call to be informed your goods are ready to be collected. We ask that you collect your goods in under 14 days of initial contact to avoid restocking and a refund being processed. Please provided a valid reason or contact us if you are unable to collect your goods by any circumstances, delivery can then be organized with additionally payments.

Upon collecting your goods, photo ID will be required to confirm your identity, where a staff member and yourself will then sign and date your collection. An invoice will be attached or emailed to you for reference. In the case you as the order placer cannot collect your goods, a family member of friend will be illegible to collect. However, they will become the primary signatory of your goods, and will be responsible for any repairs or refunds associated with your order.

If you have any questions regarding our shipping & collection policy, please contact us on (08) 8337 2344, or email us at [email protected].